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24/07/2015 - Band News July 2015

The band's recent activities started with the Fleetwood Carnival on 20th June when, perhaps as an omen as to what follows, we got wet. Not heavy rain, but the kind of drizzle which wets you sneakily. Needless to say, as soon as we finished it cleared up.

The following day marked the Kirkby Lonsdale annual entertainment contest which is held each year in the village square. We were taken there once again in style by Mike of Avalon Coaches and reached Kirkby Lonsdale early on a rather dull threatening morning. There were seven competing bands and we were drawn to play number six in order of play, so it was well into the afternoon before we commenced our march along the main street (where the man in the blue cap marks bands for deportment) and took our place in the tent. The performance went well enough and the crowd certainly seemed to approve, so perhaps we were a little disappointed to learn that we had been placed third. However, we were really surprised to find that we had won the first prize for deportment! Pilling have only ever won that once before and we always thought that was a fluke. It did just about manage to keep fine, so overall not a bad day out.
Stalmine and Eagland Hill galas followed, after which we were due to make our annual appearance at Happy Mount Park in Morecambe. Last year we were unable to play at all because of high winds which had blown a tree down, however, this year the day started out really well, warm, sunny, lots of people......but don't be fooled, 40 minutes into our concert the clouds had gathered, there was one clap of thunder and the heavens opened, emptying the park in three minutes, whilst we had to rescue our music (some of which needed ironing later), put our music stands away and carry 26 chairs to the storage hut. All this took 10 minutes, by which time everyone was well and truly soaked. The Happy Mount had lived up to it's name again.
The following weekend saw us at Preesall Gala which is something of a marathon, one or two players who had not done it before were suitably impressed by the length of the march. Many of the band were refreshed later at a barbecue kindly put on by Solo Horn player Jen Ormrod where, guess what, it rained. Never mind, a good time was had by all as we got wet inside as well as out.

One week after that and we were in Heysham where we were joined by a choir from Kidderminster in a concert at the Wesleyan Church there. The band accompanied the choir in two items which was quite pleasing.
Finally, to bring you up to date, the band attended an open air "Songs of Praise" service at Whitechapel where the most gorgeous cakes were served afterwards.
This brief account shows how busy the band is at this time of year and, when some players are unavailable for various reasons, how difficult it can be to find deputies, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped us out at our recent engagements.

On another subject, the work of making good the road leading to the bandroom is about to start, it marks another achievement made possible by the huge fund raising efforts of Jim Redman and the generosity of you, our public supporters. We all appreciate this and hope to play our part in the local community for many years to come.

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